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Mystery Manor - iPad Install - incent traffic


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2013-03-26 (15:06:58)

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Mistery Manor
Manor - iPad Install - Incent traffic

Chloe Pignier

Phone: 33 1 58 39 34 08

Mystery Manor -
iPad Install - Incent traffic

Mystery Manor is a
hidden objects
game. In a mystic
mansion, inhabited
by strange but
lovely people,
spooky monsters
and scary ghosts
you'll have to
solve logic puzzles, find hidden objects
and unlock new
rooms and
complete quests.
Mystery Manor is a never-ending
game. New quests, rooms, characters
are being added on a regular basis.

Unlike all other
Hidden Objects
genre games, you will never finish the game.

Despite of the
great gameplay
and premium
graphics quality,
the game is
absolutely free!
Please note that
the campaign is
only available for
iPad traffic
- incent

Conversion User
1. User is invited to click on the banner
2. User is redirected
on the Apple Store to download the
3. User installs and opens the App

- Devices allowed:
Only iPad (iOS 4.2+) allowed

Mystery Manor - iPad Install - Incent traffic

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