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PKR 3D - Poker iPhone iPad App-Tracy Leung-33 1 58 39 34 08

PKR 3D - Poker iPhone & iPad App
PKR 3D - Poker iPhone & iPad App Tracy Leung Send an email 33 1 58 39 34 08 The world�s most advanced iOS Poker app is here! With video-game graphics, this full 3D experience is brought to you by award-winning online poker room PKR. Take on players from across the globe in the next-gen app that�s captured the imaginations of poker fans everywhere. Stand up, celebrate and push all-in with the most realistic and fun poker game ever to hit your mobile device. Conversion User Flow: 1. User is directly redirected on Appstore to install the application 2. User has to open the application Restrictions: - OS allowed: only iPhone and iPad - No incentivized traffic or Review app allowed - iOS 5.0 or later PKR 3D - Poker iPhone & iPad App

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